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Jelco SA-750D


Brand: Jelco
Product Code: SA-750D
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JELCO SA-750D (229 mm) 9 inches Turntable Tonearm (Bronze)


  • SA-750D is Jelco's top of the range tonearm.

1 box set includes:  1 SA-750D tonearm, 1 HS-25 head shell, 1 damping oil, 1 standard counterweight, 1 extra heavier counterweight, 1 mounting template

  • This is an easy arm to get the best from, simple to set up and beautifully built.  Ichikawa make seriously good arms, you don't need to rewire them, or change anything.  They are perfect out of the box.
  • Jelco tonearm is made by Ichikawa Jewel Co. of Japan which was established in 1920.  Ichikawa have made arms for most manufacturers in the past.  They made the famous Sumiko MMT.  These are some of the companies that marketed Jelco arms under their own names:  Koetsu, Sumiko, Audio quest, Linn, Oracle, Ariston, Roksan, Revolver, Mission and Graham.  Jelco make their own jewelled bearings, they are in complete control of quality.


Model SA-750D SA-750DB
Colour Bronze Black
Effective Length (from the tonearm pivot to stylus point) 229 mm 229 mm
Distance of the tonearm privot to the spindle 214 mm 214 mm
Overhang (spindle to stylus point) 15 mm 15 mm
Offset angle 22º 22º
Tracking error angle +1.9° - 1.1° +1.9° - 1.1°
Horizontal sensitvity (first action inner wire free) 30 mg 30 mg
Vertical sensitivity (first action inner wire free) 20 mg 20 mg
Suitable cartridge weight range for standard counterweight 4 ~ 12 gr 4 ~ 12 gr
Suitable cartridge weight range fro heavier counterweight 12 ~ 24 gr 12 ~ 24 gr
Range of height adjustment (distance between the arm base bottom and centre of the arm pipe) 38 ~ 60 mm 38 ~ 60 mm



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